Chapter 2 – Put Your Skills To Work

Okay… it’s time for a pep talk. Some of you need this and some of you think you don’t. If you’re reading this, you might as well read it anyway.

Here’s the deal… you might not think you have any skills. It would probably be more accurate to say that you might not think that you have any skills that other people will PAY for. 

I can assure you of one thing… 

If you believe that you don’t have any skills that other people will pay for, you’re flat-out WRONG. Simple and plain. That mindset is what’s keeping you from making the money you really want to make.

But let me play Devil’s Advocate for a minute and agree with you. Let’s say you really don’t have any skills that anyone else will pay you for. Even if that’s true (which it isn't), who says you can’t acquire a particular skill and find people who need you to solve that problem for them? 


Remember… you don’t have to be Ph.D  level proficient at a particular skill to make money with that skill. You literally only need to be a step or two ahead of the people you’re helping and you’ll be seen as an authority to them.

Realistically speaking, people want to be helped by people who are closer to their level. Having said that, let’s get into some of the ways you can put your skills to work.

7. Consultation  

If you've ever had some success or failures (because you can save them time and money) in: 

  • Business
  • Technology
  • Sales/marketing
  • Skills/management
  • Funding projects
  • Products and design

Then there’s a high chance someone will pay to learn what you know. You can make $1-$10 a minute which is roughly $60-$600 an hour using some of these services:

This next resource is a bit similar but encompasses a few different niches such as:

  • Art & music
  • Computer & electronics
  • Cooking
  • Education & careers
  • Fashion & beauty
  • Fitness & nutrition
  • Health
  • Home & garden

People providing services on here are making $15-$200 an hour:

This one has everything and you can set your own amounts per project. If you’re good why wouldn't you charge $200-$400 a gig? Don’t think you’re good? Then start slowly and raise your rates every so often.

8. Drive People Around  

The days of investing money to purchase a taxi business have changed. Today you can freely partner up with a driving company and make $200-500 a day driving people with your own car. If you’re worried about insurance these companies take care of it all. The cool thing about this is you can be a driver whenever you want or treat it like a regular job and make approximately $65,000 or more a year.

Wondering where you’ll find paying customers? It’s all in the mobile app which you can download and check out now. For more information visit:

  • Uber (Available in most major cities)
  •  Lyft (Just like Uber but with a cute pink mustache)
  • (Can set own price)
  • (Community drivers for families)

If you don’t have a car to drive and located in the California cities San Francisco & San Jose, then you can rent out a car:

  • Joinbreeze ($50 a day which is cheaper than Enterprise which on average can be $70 a day to rent. Joinbreeze will also be expanding nationwide soon)

Here are two we covered earlier. The difference between these and joinbreeze are you’ll be paying different fees. Try finding under $50 so you save starting out:

9. Tutoring

School tutors are always in demand. Did you know that tutors can easily make $30 an hour and up? A little over 30 hours makes you $1,000. 

My buddy tutored as a high-school student and I also tutored friends in my early twenties. Both times it gave me a feeling of importance and validation. The money wasn't bad either. There are so many people (children and adults) that need tutoring. It’s really one of my favorite things to do. I call it Paid Volunteer Work.

Here’s a start: 

10. Teaching English/Other Languages  

You probably take the fact that you speak English or another language fluently for granted. At $20-$50 an hour you can literally open your mouth and make money. It’s that simple.

English is a second language for many people. For some, it’s a third, fourth, or even fifth language. There are so many nuances to English that it’s very difficult to learn them via textbook and/or software. These people need a deeper understanding and you can provide it for them.

You can get certified to teach English as a foreign/second language (TEFL/TESL). It’ll cost you but you’ll be able to go abroad or domestically teach English.

There’s always just posting an ad on Craigslist that you’re willing to help. Another option is trying:

11. Teaching music  

What instrument can you play? Even if you have a basic understanding of music and the instrument, you can get paid for teaching those basics to people who want to learn.

You can also teach young novices. However, the parents are usually looking for someone very accomplished so their children can be the next Beethoven or something like that. 

Your ideal clients will be senior citizens. Head down to your nearest Senior Center and pass out flyers. Let’s not forget this place to check for clients:

12. Refereeing

You've been to a sports game of some sort for children, right? Hockey, soccer, football, basketball, tennis, etc. Have you seen the people who wear the striped shirts and blow the whistles every so often? You could be one of them.

If you’re knowledgeable about a particular sport, you can apply for a referee position at your local park and/or recreation center. These referees make hundreds of dollars for a very short season making judgment calls for children’s sporting events. 

If refereeing isn't your thing there’s always personal coaching. Check this out:

13. Software Training  

Do you have any idea how many people install software that they have no idea how to use? Microsoft Office is one of the most popular software packages of all-time and millions of people could use your help with just the basics. You can show them in the comfort of your own home by just sharing computer screens using, orScreenhero. If you find that people are not savvy enough to use these than try this browser based video/screen share:

You can offer to install Microsoft Office or any program you notice which has a lot of trouble understanding and provide basic training for the tool suite. Here’s a resource to try but you’ll need to be certified:

  • Wesolved (Earn up to $50 an hour solving users software issues)

14. Computer Setup

You have some basic computer skills, don’t you? You’d be surprised how many people are intimidated by setting up their computers for the first time. Get out there and help these people. You can easily get $40 or $50 for doing this just one time. Twenty more sessions and you’ll have $1,000.

People will pay you for setting up simple stuff like anti-virus, email services, and passwords. You can definitely do this. 

15. Bookkeeping 

Do you have bookkeeping skills? Are you proficient with Quickbooks or any other accounting software? Put a flyer up or try craigslist.

Bonus Tip: One-time jobs are great but ongoing weekly, monthly, and quarterly jobs are MUCH better. Once you get the gig see if you can turn it into a long term job.

16. Writing blog posts  

There are more than a few blogs that you follow. How much have you learned from reading, liking, commenting, and sharing this information? Quite a bit, I bet. Well, if you enjoy it you should offer to write articles for them.

You don’t have to be a literary giant. Your thoughts are your thoughts and they’re valuable. Treat them as such. You should get about 25 bucks per article which can take roughly 30 minutes to research and 30 minutes to write. If you write 40, you’ve got $1,000. BAM – just like that! This is like working a 40 hour work week while staying in the comforts of home.

Here’s one source where on average writers can make $30 a short blog post and $65 a long blog post:

 You can find more options here:

17. Freelance editor/translator  

Are you passionate about writing/editing or studied English/journalism? Can you translate English into a foreign language and vice versa? If so, you've got the skills necessary to edit and/or proofread documents for a fee.

You don’t have to be a “professional” editor. You can find this type of work on Craigslist all day every day.

Remember, a few items back when we talked about bookkeeping? We said “one-time jobs are great but ongoing weekly, monthly, and quarterly jobs are MUCH better.” That applies here too. 

You want to start thinking a little more long-term than just one-time jobs. People don’t need help just one-time. They’re looking for an ongoing relationship. Give that to them and you’re golden. 

Tip: Email startups (aka new businesses) if they’d like to translate their entire pages into a foreign language in order to compete in global markets. 

Just offer them a project fee and you can make your $1,000 fast. Find these startups here:

Here are three great freelance sources which have online marketplaces of buyers and sellers for editing/translating:

18. Office coordination  

There are millions of people with home offices who need your help getting organized. And it’s not just home offices, regular day-job corporate offices need your help too.

Lots of successful people have no idea how to organize their work space. They run around all day in what I like to call “organized confusion” and create little systems in their head for how their office should look even though it’s not even close to the vision they have in mind. Lost documents and other important materials cost these business owners tons of money. You would be doing these people a HUGE favor by arranging their offices for them. Put some flyers up around businesses or call using the yellow pages.

Oh yeah, and the pricing…  After a few clients easily $1,000 a pop. 

For office organizing:

19. Simple mechanic work

You don’t have to be ASE certified in order to work on someone’s car; however it does increase trust with clients. If you can change belts, hoses, spark plugs, brakes, change oil, batteries and other simple stuff, you can make LOADS of cash.

This works best if you can travel to clients’ homes or places of business to help them. Remember, people PAY for convenience. 

Think about how appreciative you would be if you called someone up because you were having car trouble and they came to your home or place of business to fix your car.

Wouldn’t you be pleased? Of course you would. And you would PAY EXTRA for that type of convenience wouldn’t you? Yes. You would. Other people will too. Put some flyers, ask around the neighborhood, or a Facebook/Tweet out so you can get hired or try these websites:

20. Medical claims  

Every single day people deal with surgery and illnesses. Did you know you can get paid for helping someone with their medical claims?

You have to know the ropes for this one. If you've dealt with and filed claims with insurance companies, you can help people straighten out their situation and get things done quickly and easily. This is a MAJOR service that people will PAY for. And again, you don’t have to be certified or anything like that. All you need is a little bit of know-how.

21. Simple Website Setup 

Are you familiar with Wordpress, CSS, HTML, and/or PHP? If so, you can easily get paid $250 a pop to set up simple websites. If you have no clue then you should educate yourself. has plenty of tutorials.

This is something I did for a couple weeks a few years back. I cleared $2,000 in 3 weeks. I charged $250 a pop. You can do this. As little as you think you know right now, somebody knows even less and you would be an absolute savior to them. I can speak from experience when I tell you that this one flat-out works.

22. Organizing tax records  

This one is a little more involved than simple bookkeeping. If you’ve got administrative skills and are familiar with tax forms and/or software, you may be able to offer your services to someone who needs help preparing their paperwork and organizing it.

We all know that tax season ends on April 15th. However, there are very many people who extend it all the way to October 15th. Those are the people who need your help the most.

23. Social Media Director  

If you’re well-versed in all things social, you can DEFINITELY make $1,000 quickly. Quite honestly, you can make a side business or even a career from utilizing this skillset to serve others.

Businesses are starting to understand the value of social media more and more every day. Gone are the days of Yellow Pages and newspaper ads. Today, EVERYTHING is social. As a matter of fact, for many consumers, if you don’t have a social media presence, they won’t even do business with you. 

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, FourSquare, LivingSocial, Groupon etc. are outlets that businesses are looking to be present on. Help them get the word out about their business and watch how quickly your life changes. Just find a local business and ask if they want someone to help them on social media then give them a price for that service.

24. Professional House Stager

Do you watch HGTV? If so, you know exactly what it takes to stage a home. If you can make a home look like it belongs in a showcase, then you can do this.

You don’t even have to watch HGTV (it helps but it’s not necessary). If you have a passion for interior decoration and design, then this could work perfectly for you. Doubly so, if you’re attending classes for these subjects. It would be like paid training. Technically, it is. 

Bonus Tip: Real estate agents will be your absolute BEST clients for this service. And the best part? They’re easy to find. Any free magazine in a supermarket or search engine will find you hundreds of potential clients. Work for a discount or even for free on a trial basis. If you’re good, you’ll make all the money back from your free/discounted session and then some.

25. Event Planner

Have you ever been to a party and said to yourself “I wish I had planned this party, it would be WAY better” If so, you can be an event planner.

This works best if you have a group of friends that party with you and know, like, and trust you. These will be your very best advocates. They’ll use word-of-mouth marketing to spread the word like wildfire. 

My aunt is an event planner. She started her business 20 years ago doing exactly what I’m telling you that you can do. If you've got work ethic, people skills, and love to party, this is a GOLDMINE for you. 

A buddy of mine in college used to hold business and charity events at bars. He’d call the bars ahead of time and work out a price he could make off the top for everyone he’d bring through the door. 

That month he’d hype up the event around campus, on facebook, twitter and then have these people meet him there. Needless to say after a few events he raked up $2,000 partnering with the bars. 

It doesn't just have to be bars for you. You could be the middle man for any place that can host a large event and collect money just for organizing it.

Some helpful services to get you started: 

26. Affiliate Marketing

It’s a simple concept. Find something you really like, tell people about it, give them a website link to purchase, and take a cut of the money. It’s really that easy.

Anyone and everyone that has any type of product or service are ALWAYS looking for people to sell their products and services for them. Remember, you’re solving a problem. These people are BUSY. They don’t have time to promote their business. They barely have time to run it and live a “normal” life. Reach out to them and ask if you can help them sell their products and services.

In the online world, this is as easy as a few mouse clicks. However, I want you to think outside the box. What kind of offline companies can you do this for? Hair salons, restaurants, chiropractors, dentists, etc. Negotiate a referral program and start selling.

27. Create and/or edit videos

Creating videos are easy. You can do them in front of the camera or behind the camera and they both work just fine. Millions of businesses need videos created for them so they can put them on YouTube and their own company websites. Help these people. They NEED you.

This works well for ANY business. In case you haven’t noticed, people don’t read as much as they used to and their attention spans are dwindling down to nothing. If you can create engaging videos and/or edit some bad ones, then you can make money hand over fist.

My buddy started a business similar to this a few years ago. It’s a business that fueled his growth as an entrepreneur and helped him become a homeowner in less than a year. All it takes is a little know-how and some hustle. Businesses NEED this service. Get out there and help them. Editing projects go for $1,000-$4,000.

If you’re making animations try these simple drag and drop programs:

If you have no experience for creating videos try making some samples or doing it for free/cheap. Just remind these companies that you’ll be saving them time and money. Mention how you’re studying this and enthusiastic about it. They may give you a shot. If they like your work ask for a testimonial and referral. 

Another idea is package deals: Once you get good or just starting out find a company that has no website or video. Don’t forget crappy sites too. Ask if they want a better one. Offer to do it all for $1,000. Just study for a few days or watch some youtube tutorials. 

I’m sure there’s probably a 10 year old showing how to build a fast website without coding on youtube or sign up with wixsquarespace, or weebly. They’re simple drag and drop website builders. It’s like playing with legos. Also since these website builders charge monthly you should charge these businesses monthly to manage their company websites. 

Imagine managing 10 sites for $100 a month. That’s $1,000 of reoccurring revenue every month! And it doesn't stop there build more sites for people, charge for custom logos if you’re good at design, and you can get up to $10,000 a month of maintenance. I knew a buddy who used this exact business model. He dropped out of college and hired on a team to help him scale to higher monthly amounts.

You’re probably thinking why would these people hire you if they can figure it out themselves? The truth is anyone can but all this takes time, patience, and interest to solve this problem. Plus most people still believe creating well designed websites are hard or would rather spend more important parts of their business elsewhere. If you can take the stress away so they sleep like a baby at night they’ll gladly pay you. 

If you’re just doing videos try these…

Get customers on: 

Pitch at startups which you can find at:

28. Bargain Hunter

We all know that in order to make a profit, we need to buy low and sell high. Well, if you have an eye for bargains and frequent thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales, then you can make quite a bit of money.

You can find fantastic deals at garage sales and then come home, hop on your computer, and sell the same items you just purchased for double, triple, and even quadruple what you paid for them. 

Have you ever watched the TV show Storage Wars? If so, you know that people come in and buy the contents of delinquent storage containers and then sell that stuff to people and/or places willing to pay more than what they paid for it. Can you do this? Yes. You. Can. 

I also remember helping a buddy of mine in college who started out this way. We'd circle around the city with his pickup truck snatching free furniture off Craigslist. 

Then he’d take the furniture back home, fix them up till they looked brand new, took nice photos, and then sold them for triple back on craigslist. Now there’s more websites you can sell on; I’ll share them later in this guide.

In 2 weeks, he had $3,500 and a smile on his face. That was then and now which is 8 years later he’s opening his second furniture store with the same type of business in mind.

29. Research Papers

Research is easier than it has ever been. However, there are people who simply refuse to do it and/or don’t have the time to do it themselves. Find those people and offer your services to them.

By searching Craigslist and putting flyers in local colleges, you’ll find more clients than you can handle. All you need is a knack for research. The rest takes care of itself. Just name your price and see if they hook. Besides elance & odesk try:

30. Voiceover  

There’s a chance your voice is the type someone is looking for in their online or radio commercial. You’ll never know until you try. So find a quiet room away from distraction, stand up to project your voice, and record some samples. You don’t need the most professional equipment right now. Just use your mobile phone or computer microphone. Try these websites for voice over work:

31. Lobby politicians

With multiple interests out there it’s tough for groups to get their needs met. So to push causes they’ve looked to hire normal people such as you and I. You don’t have to be an expert talker just someone passionate about movements. Here’s a service where you can contact congress representatives and work as a personal lobbyist:


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