Quick Story...

One day after coming home from a tech event in San Francisco, California I found myself standing in the shower stuck in a weird deep thinking moment.

Instead of singing or actually washing myself like most sane people I did some pondering on the current economic situation of the United States. You may have noticed that people have been losing their jobs and college graduates can hardly catch a break.

This isn't the American Dream.

So I thought… What jump starts an economy? 

People like you, who become entrepreneurs, providing goods and services for the benefit of humanity. But there is no guarantee you'll succeed. Let's face it there's so much crap in life and on the internet that it's hard enough to filter for diamonds let alone have the time for it. I created Actualizley to bridge that gap and help you reach your full potential.

It's my hope Actualizely aids you in providing some great ideas and motivation for your upcoming or current business.

So if you're serious...

Then you're in for a wild ride of enlightenment.

Remember, it only takes 1 person to change the world. Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and Mother Theresa all started with an idea just as you may be tinkering with one right now. If you haven’t already then…

Otherwise it'll be easy to go back to your unsatisfying life and day dream on your break as if things will magically change. Things won't go into motion until you do.

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-Vineel Maharaj (Founder of Actualizely)